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Our Commitment

“Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Wellness can bring relief to much of what ails you.”

Massage Services

All of our massage services feature our award-winning CBD Skincare. Our Hemp-Derived CBD is broad-spectrum, water-soluble, and contains zero THC, offering all of the benefits of the flower without the psychoactive effect. If you wish to omit CBD from your service just make sure to mention at the time of booking. Call or text to book: (719)398-3359

The Mountain Miracle

100min | $150

What your mind, body, and spirit needs! Enjoy a full-body Cause+Medic CBD Massage with our CBD Massage Oil, troubled areas will be soothed with an application of our CBD Pain Cream, followed by an exfoliation and moisturization of the hands and feet with our Cause+Medic CBD Body Butter. Lastly, indulge in a facial and scalp massage with our CBD Oil treatment.

*Service includes a Swedish Massage. Upgrade to a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for $15.

CBD Escape

80min | $120

Enjoy this full-body Cause+Medic CBD Massage with our CBD Massage Oil, CBD Body Butter, and CBD Pain Cream applied to troubled areas. This service concludes with a CBD foot and scalp massage.

*Service includes a Swedish Massage. Upgrade to a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for $15.

Hour Retreat

60min | $95

A restoring full body massage with our award-winning Cause+Medic CBD Massage Oil, Body Butter, and Pain Cream. Enjoy the benefits of 400mg of our transdermal CBD formula for the ultimate rehydration, soothing, and clarification of the skin.

*Service includes a Swedish Massage. Upgrade to a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for $15.

Kick It

30min | $55

A rejuvenating exfoliation of the feet, followed by foot reflexology with our nourishing Cause+Medic CBD Body Butter.

*Service includes a Swedish Massage. Upgrade to a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for $15.

Take a Break for Goodness Sake

30min | $50

New to Massage or need some self-care on-the-go? Book this 30-minute service for a CBD Massage on a targeted area.

*Service includes a Swedish Massage. Upgrade to a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for $15.

Head Rest

30min | $50

Revel in a facial, scalp, and neck massage with our Cause+Medic CBD Massage Oil for a truly de-stressing experience. (Helps to relive: sinuses, TMJ, neck tension)

*Service includes a Swedish Massage. Upgrade to a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for $15.

Enhancements Services

Enhance your spa experience with the following add-on treatments to any massage service. *Enhancements do not add any time to service



Enjoy the added benefit of aromatic essential oils in your massage. This holistic healing treatment can enhance both physical and emotional health.  

Facial Massage with Recovery Touch Oil


Nurture your skin and recover from the damage caused by the sun, pollution, and aging. Recover Touch is a nourishing, multi-vitamin antioxidant treatment for face, neck, and décolleté. The antioxidant, nourishing combination of organic Goji Berry and Macadamia Oil leaves the skin soft and replenished. Ideal in case of stressed, dehydrated, and dull skin.

Protects the skin against free radical damage;
Nourishes, repairs and bestows softness and silkiness.

Vitamin C Sheet Mask


Treat your skin with an Orgaid Organic Vitamin C Sheet Mask. This revitalizing treatment boosts collagen growth, reduces brown spots and blemishes, brightens and evens out the complexion and fights free radicals with key ingredients of Vitamin C and Lemon. Perfect for all skin types.

CBD Oil Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage


Indulge in a luxurious scalp massage with our CBD Massage Oil; packed with nutrient-rich oils, therapeutic plant extracts, and 400mg of Cause+Medic CBD. Your hair will thank you.

Foot Exfoliation and Hydration


Enjoy a dry exfoliation of the feet followed by a warm towel wrap and application of our moisturizing CBD Body Butter; boasting ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Aloe for the ultimate skin hydration.



Experience a deeper and more therapeutic relaxation when pressure points on the feet are worked on that can correspond to physical and energetic systems of the body.

CBD Tea Enhancement

One Tea Enhancement | $5

Add a CBD tea enhancement to any service for a truly relaxing experience.

What's The Difference?

*Swedish Massage services include long, soft, sweeping strokes designed to relax, improve circulation and flexibility. Swedish Massage does not go above a medium pressure. Swedish Massage is recommended for all clients.

*Deep Tissue Massage services include slow, firm pressure designed to release muscle tension, improve circulation and range of motion. Deep Tissue Massage is recommended for extremely tense, stressed, or active clients.

*Sports Massage services include firm pressure, compression, and stretching designed to enhance flexibility, help recover from athletic activities, and reduce risk of injury. Sports Massage is recommended for athletes and very active clients.


*Please note, that while the rooms are divided, our charming boutique and spa share the same space. Light noise from shoppers may be heard during service. Please let us know if you would prefer we close the store during your appointment.

COVID Cancellation Policy

If you are not feeling well please do not come to your scheduled spa appointment. However please note that cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment time will result in a $25 Covid Cancellation Fee. This fee will cover the provider’s time and any arrangements they have made for your service. Cancellations must be handled by calling (719)398-3359 and may not be emailed. We greatly appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Please review our entire COVID-19 Policies & Procedures here.